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Looking to support a local community project?


Introducing Wiltshire Digital Drive Business Hive

If your business wants to support a local community project or improve its corporate social responsibility strategy, then our Business Hive is for you.

Since our launch, we have gifted over 1000 devices to residents in Wiltshire and surrounding counties to help support children and adults alike with home-schooling, keeping in touch with friends, taking education courses or applying for jobs.

Join us today and help us take a byte out of the digital divide in Wiltshire

We work with any size business, from solo traders to large corporate businesses to source unwanted laptops, raise funds and create awareness. We’re now offering a business hive support package to help you get the most out of your contribution to this project. #DonateYourDigital

For any businesses wanting to get involved, we offer a free certified secure wipe service to businesses with more than 20 laptops to donate. All hardware is audited and catalogued on arrival at the Priority IT offices and we recommend a Data Secure Wipe for HMG Infosec Standard 5 Enhanced. We can, however, securely wipe to a number of standards as required. On completion, you will receive a statement of works, detailing the number of devices received, confirmation of the device being wiped, the standard of secure erasure and a certificate.

If a machine wouldn’t be able to support the needs of the user after upgrading, we will instead remove all reusable parts and recycle the rest with our recycling partners, to ensure that no materials go to waste.

Bee the difference

Whilst we give our time for free, we are always looking for funding to help pay for parts. The parts required to upgrade a machine include replacing of the hard drive, memory, Wi-Fi modules, and if needed, we will replace faulty components such as keyboards, screens, and chargers.

We have a number of business packages from one-off donations to monthly and yearly gifting schemes. We’d greatly appreciate if you could consider choosing the Wiltshire Digital Drive as your Charity of the Year, if your organisation supports such schemes.

Making a buzz

As part of our business hive support package, we offer communications and public relations assistance, so that we can make a big buzz about your contribution. Not only that, but we also have a number of assets available that you can use on your website, blog, or any social media accounts.

Join the Business Hive

For more information on the Business Hive email and let us know how you can help!

However you want to get involved, the bigger the buzz, the better!

A MASSIVE thank you to our existing Business Hive members!

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