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Nominate us as your organisation’s Charity of the Year

If your organisation supports not-for-profits or CIC’s under your Charity of the Year promise, then please consider nominating Wiltshire Digital Drive!

This offers your organisation the opportunity, not only to spread awareness to your staff and clients about a great cause, but also to publicly demonstrate your commitment to making a difference whilst enabling us to continue our work to bridge the Digital Divide.

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If you’d like to discuss nominating us as your charity of the year, what we can do for you, or how we can work together, send a message addressed to our Director or Development Manager using the below email address.

Here are some of the reasons to nominate us as Charity of the Year

Worldwide, as many as 3.7 billion people are digitally excluded,

6.9 million people in the UK are likely remain digitally excluded, unless something is done to support them.

A further 10 million people lack basic foundation skills needed to partake in our increasingly digital world.

Providing a device to someone who’s digitally isolated can:

Help to reduce loneliness, by giving a way to communicate with friends and family,

Enable education, by helping with schoolwork, homework, research & extra-curricular studies,

Break down barriers to getting a job and finding a fulfilling career,

Help to learn new skills, languages, and explore new interests,

Maintain independence, increase confidence, and improve circumstances both socially and financially,

Not to mention, by preventing old tech from reaching landfill, we’re giving it a new lease of life, and contributing to the UK’s circular economy!

This helps to offset the need for mining of new materials, and does wonders for your carbon footprint too!

We work closely with local news and radio, through which we can share the story of your support, building your company profile and brand in the local community.

This will help to develop your reputation, showing that your organisation cares about helping those in need.

Supporting a good cause helps to improve staff morale, motivation and teamwork across your business.

By taking Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, you can attract new customers and clients, keen to know that they’re supporting an organisation which benefits their local community.

Who have we been supported by previously?

We’ve been working to bridge the digital divide since 2020, and along the way we’ve worked with, and been supported by some amazing organisations, such as:

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