Testimonials & Case Studies

We’ve worked with many organisations to date, and have put together case studies to showcase the many ways we’ve supported marginalised groups and helped to bridge the digital divide so far, which you can read in more depth below!


As a result of the work we do to refurbish and redistribute devices to those in need around the county, we’ve received some amazing feedback and testimonials, which we’re proud to share with you here!

If you want to hear what people think about the application process, the devices themselves, or the impact they have had, feel free to browse below!

From the people who’ve received devices from us

Thank you so much for the iPad mini.

It will be ideal as due to severe hearing loss, I can use it to communicate via emails and text, which will help me contact doctors, the council, and to sort out my utility bills. It is also portable enough to be really useful.

Dave D, Recipient of an iPad through WDD

I just wanted to say thank you very much for providing a laptop for our Ukrainian guest. I was able to collect the device yesterday as I was passing Westbury, which has saved them a 30-mile round trip on Friday.

Our guest is so pleased with the laptop and cannot believe the generosity of the British people and the effort some people and organisations go to, to make life a little easier for them.

Thank you and all team for all you have done.

Melvyn B, Homes for Ukraine Host

It’s wonderful of you to supply devices to all four of our Ukrainian boys, they will be so grateful!

Connie A, Homes for Ukraine Host

We have got laptops today, thank you very much for ALL your help!

Oleksandr S, Chromebook Applicant
Thanks so much for all your help –  I know they will be delighted.
Henrietta N, Homes for Ukraine Host
Thank you again for the wonderful service you’re providing!
Vicky M, Homes for Ukraine Host

Thank you so much, that’s amazing. It will certainly make life in general, and transition to life in UK, easier for Olena

Louise W, Homes for Ukraine Host

I would just like to pass on mine and Tatiana’s thanks to you and the team for the Chromebook.

We finished getting it all set up for her this evening, including access to her Gmail account, Facebook and, WhatsApp.

We have already updated her CV using Google Docs.

Tatiana is over the moon.

John B, Homes for Ukraine Host

The laptop has made such a difference to me.  In my role as a health care assistant, I was expected to do some training modules at home.

Before I had the laptop,  I was trying to do them on my phone which was really difficult.

Since having the laptop, I have been able to access all the training and have now been made permanent at work.

The laptop has helped me progress in my career.  Thank you so much

Anon, via Safe Families

Hi! Thank you very much for the laptops! Yesterday evening we connected the first one and everything works fine! It’s a really great help for our family. God bless you, and all British people 💖

Olha B, Chromebook Applicant

Thanks to Wiltshire Digital Drive for the quick and free laptop. I enjoy using it to learn English, as does my youngest son.
Not being able to purchase a laptop right now, you have helped us a lot with this problem and alleviated many of our electronic communication problems.
We are very grateful for your support to Ukrainian citizens in England.

Luibov S, Chromebook Applicant

I delivered the laptop to Tania on Thursday afternoon. She was SO very pleased to receive it. The timing is brilliant as she has been accepted for an online English course, which is due to start soon. Thank you, your organization and your kind donors for this fabulous scheme.

Joy G, Homes for Ukraine Host

From our referral partners

The set of computers you sent to us have been an absolute lifesaver for some of our more vulnerable pupils, by allowing them to access work when not in the classroom!

Richard R, St Joseph's Catholic School
A very important part of the HEALS programme to equip those who need access to IT equipment has been Wiltshire Digital Drive.

This CIC which is based in Corsham and Westbury has had a hugely positive impact all over Wiltshire supplying IT equipment to those in need.

This IT equipment is initially donated to Wiltshire Digital Drive as requiring updating, refurbishment, or repair & the resulting serviceable equipment has enabled many organisations as well as HEALS to have an ongoing availability of high-quality laptops, supplied in a bespoke WDD bag; and when necessary, with technical back up, all at zero cost to HEALS or indeed the eventual recipients.

Richard D, HEALS of Malmesbury

A big thank you to Wiltshire Digital Drive for their donation of mobile phones.

What many of us take for granted, a phone, is a lifeline for the thousands of people we support every year who are escaping domestic abuse and sexual violence.

The phones will be used by our clients so they can stay in touch with us, receive vital support if they are remote or unable to meet, access online resources and as well as perform vital tasks like online banking, accessing GP support and online grocery orders.

Jessica G, FearLess
A huge thank you for the donation of the five computers last week.
They are very much younger than those they have replaced: one in each of three studios – and two replace two of the five 10-year-old production computers, used by trainees of all abilities.

Just as we are fundraising for key costs, this kind donation has been a real help!

Shirley L, Swindon 105.5

It was so straight forward in returning and collecting the WDD laptops on Friday afternoon. Truly appreciated.

Our pupils will really benefit from having access to the devices. Thank you.

Dan W, Kings Lodge School
This is going to make it a little easier for someone who struggles with their mental health to keep in contact with the right people/ agencies and hopefully improve his mental health.

Once again many thanks for your help in supporting our guests.

Sarah D, Doorway Project

WDD is an amazing establishment that does exactly what it claims – it helps to bridge the digital divide that we so often think doesn’t exist. With a role in education at The Clarendon Academy, we see that the digital gap is wide, and we are so grateful to have been involved with this organisation enabling us to better support our students.

It has been invaluable for our students and has provided them with equal opportunities to their peers to access learning and strive to achieve A-levels and beyond. The application is easy to access, and the replies and decisions are prompt.

Collection is simple and they are keen to accommodate to suit busy school hours.

Our students have commented on its impact

“This year has been really hard for my family, but I was determined to do A-levels and hope to get to University – by providing me with a laptop I can access the necessary notes, resources and have been able to meet coursework deadlines. It really has been invaluable and given me the freedom to work when I want to work not just using the facilities whilst in school.” – Jordyn.

Another student stated

“As a student with additional learning needs, I have found the laptop crucial to enabling me to access classwork and annotate learning notes in the moment, rather than having to focus all my effort on listening, understanding and writing the notes. I can now truly listen and understand and have everything organised on my laptop for easy access in the future – I am so grateful!” – Lola

Clare H, The Clarendon Academy

The online application process is straightforward to use and I received a prompt reply.

I was given a choice of two centres to collect the laptop from and WDD was very accommodating in finding a convenient time.

The recipient of the laptop was delighted and it is enabling them to complete some online training.

Jan F, Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living

I just wanted to say how grateful our residents are for the laptops that you donated to us.

It gives them a sense of freedom and independence having their own electrical device and the options that having that gives to them.

Again, very many thanks for your help to our residents.

Lisa C, Services Cotswold Centre

Thanks so much for your hard work and it is making such a difference to our families in need.

The Application process was fantastic. WDD promptly got back to me and answered all of my queries in such a friendly manner.

WDD really tried hard to cater to my situation and gave me options to collect the laptop. My colleague collected it for me and she thought it was really straightforward.

The laptop was for a family whose mum is ill and whose dad was out of work. The dad was looking for a laptop for his children’s homework and study. It is serving the family really well and it is really appreciated.

Thanks so much for what you do.

Jinny T, Safe Families

The person in question has really benefited from having the laptop that you guys provided.

It has enabled them to pursue something that will hopefully lead to a positive outcome for them, so thank you for what you do.

Shelley P, Wiltshire Portage

The ease at supporting people I work with to access the internet/education and their community, with Wiltshire Digital Drive has been so FANTASTIC! I can’t count how many times I have applied – they are responsive and where there are any issues, these are resolved quickly. On behalf of the many that have had support from WDD – Thank you!

Sharon S, Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living

Viktor is doing really well in school – he’s very settled, has a small group of friends, is popular and making great progress with his spoken English. He is also a maths whizz!

The computer helps him to participate more fully in the classroom, as he has additional helpers who sometimes do different work with him, plus he can use it for school work which he has to do at home.

Rachael H, Mere School

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