Corporate Support

Our vision is to bridge the growing digital divide in Wiltshire, to make sure that everyone in the county can benefit from the opportunities that technology affords us.

We are a non-profit organisation and all funds raised are reinvested into the business to enable us to continue supporting the community in Wiltshire & the South West.

On average, it costs us £30 to fully refurbish one laptop. We are actively fundraising to help achieve sustainability of the project, as well as to expand our operations to help more people benefit from our services around the county and further afield.

We propose the following contributions options for businesses looking to increase or implement a corporate social responsibility strategy within their companies:


Contributions starting between £30 – £5,000


Contributions between £5,000 – £10,000


Contributions between £10,000 & £15,000

The benefits for your business

As well as making a big difference to us, working with such a compelling cause can bring real benefits for your business, including:

PR and marketing opportunities, to expand your company profile and build your brand in the local community,

Developing your reputation as an organisation that cares about people,

Improving staff morale, motivation and promoting teamwork across your business,

Attracting new customers and clients, because you take your corporate social responsibility seriously.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please send any enquiries to:,

or you can call the Naturally Social team, who will be happy to help, the number you need is:

01225 809990

You can find more benefits to partnering with us on our Business Hive page too!