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We are open for applications

We are currently processing applications for Laptops and PC’s that run Windows 10 Professional for our loan agreement :


All laptops come in a Wiltshire Digital Drive branded laptop bag, which contains both the laptop and a matching charger.

Laptops are currently being given to organisations with the intent to supply them for individual home use, and need to be wiped between use by different individuals.


All PC’s are supplied with a Keyboard & Mouse, all cables needed to connect the devices together, and the option for single or dual monitors if needed.

PC’s can be requested when multiple users will be working on the devices each day, making them perfect for communal areas.

Loan Laptop
Loan PC

Applications are open, please complete the form below to apply

Due to the current demand, we aim to respond to applications within four weeks.

We will contact you if your application is successful to provide the terms and conditions, and then again to arrange a collection appointment.


To be eligible, your organisations must be based in Wiltshire or be a neighbouring county and be a school, nursery or pre-school, local council, town or parish council, charity, or voluntary organisation.

We are unable to accept applications from individuals, however, you can get in touch with one of the above organisations where applicable and request that they apply on your behalf.

Terms and Conditions

If your application is approved, we’ll send you a set of terms and conditions to sign before we can arrange a collection appointment for your devices. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have when reading through the terms, but a shortened version of the agreement can be read below:

Equipment Loan Agreement


The agreement is made between Wiltshire Digital Drive and the individual our offer letter is addressed to.

The purpose of the devices are to support remote education and/or access to the internet for social inclusion.

The equipment is requested on behalf of an individual/family.

You’ll need to inform us if your details change or if you leave your organisation, providing the name and contact details of the member of staff who will be taking responsibility for the machines.

Contract Term

You may not sell or dispose of the equipment without first getting approval from us.

The equipment is supplied on a long-term loan basis and we will contact you yearly to ensure that the equipment is still in use & in good working order.

Should the receiver no longer require the machine and you have no further need, the equipment must be returned to us.

The Equipment is loaned to you free of charge.


You should keep the equipment in a secure location and in good condition (wear and tear is expected however).

The devices have a unique identifying number on them. This is for our audit purposes and should not be removed.

Should you require maintenance support for the equipment please contact us on 01225 636005 or email Priority IT will have pre-installed software for remote access.

Laptops are pre-installed with Windows 10 and include an activated copy of ESET Anti Virus.

You must immediately report any loss or theft of the equipment or any damage beyond repair to the equipment to us.

If the equipment has been lost, stolen or damaged, we may offer to replace the equipment. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Appropriate Use

You accept responsibility for loss or damage to the equipment caused by negligence or improper use by the receiver. Improper use includes; using the equipment outside of the manufacturer’s instructions, modifying or removing pre-installed software, accessing websites which are not age and/or education appropriate, using the equipment for another purpose than what you describe in your application, or allowing the equipment out of your control /custody.

Improper use of the equipment may lead to you needing to return the devices to us, or in extreme circumstances, criminal or civil liability under applicable laws.

Ownership and return of the equipment

The equipment remains the property of Wiltshire Digital Drive. When returned to us, all data will be securely wiped from a device we loan to you.


We can terminate the agreement with immediate effect by serving written notice if you are in breach of these conditions, if the relevant individual/family is no longer eligible or if we consider the equipment unsafe or unsuitable for purpose.

Data Protection

We have a duty to protect personal information and process personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The personal data you provide on this form will only be used for the purpose of keeping an audit of the distributed equipment and related purposes; it may also be used for the prevention and detection of fraud or crime. The data will be stored on a computer and/or manual files.


You’ll be responsible for checking if a home insurance policy in place would cover the loss, damage or theft of the equipment and for notifying your insurer of the equipment where it is appropriate to do so. If such a policy is in place and would cover the devices, we may seek to recover loss or damage to the equipment from the home insurance providers

Marketing and Promotion

If your application is successful, we’ll ask you to take part in or supply content to help promote our work, including quotes, artwork, photography or videos.

These will be used as part of press releases, social media posts and potentially feature on our website. We’ll work with you to make sure that the content adheres to your organisation’s safeguarding policies.

We kindly ask that you promote our work through your own communications channels, including newsletters and on your organisations website to help raise awareness and encourage people to donate where possible. We supply assets and copy to support this if you need.