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Inviting Schools, Charities and Voluntary Organisations:

We are open for applications!

We are currently able to process applications for Laptops, PC’s & Tablets:


  • All laptops come in a Wiltshire Digital Drive branded laptop bag, which contains both the laptop itself and a matching power supply/charger.
  • Please note: laptops are currently being given to organisations with the intent to supply them for individual home use, and will need to be wiped between uses by different individuals.


  • All PC’s will be supplied with a Keyboard & Mouse, Monitor, and all cables needed to connect the devices together.
  • PC’s can be requested for situations where multiple users will be working on the devices each day, making them perfect for communal areas.


  • Tablets are supplied individually, but do not include a charger, so this will need to be sourced separately.
  • You can ask in advance of collecting a tablet which brand will be provided to allow you to search for a suitable charger before the devices are collected.

Applications are now open, please complete the application form below to apply:


We are currently reviewing all applications and will be issuing devices as soon as possible once terms and conditions are returned to us. We will contact you if your application is successful to arrange collection or delivery.

Eligibility, Terms and Conditions

To be eligible your organisations must be based in Wiltshire or be a neighbouring county and be a school, nursery or pre-school, local council, town or parish council, charity, or voluntary organisation. We are unable to accept applications from individuals, however, you can get in touch with one of the above organisations and request that they apply on your behalf.

If your application is successful, you will be asked to take part in or supply content to help promote the work of the Wiltshire Digital Drive. This can be in the form of quotes, artwork, photography or video depending on preference.

These will be used as part of press releases, social media posts and on updates our website. We will work with you to use content that adheres to your organisations safeguarding policies.